„The Genius skills model … makes it possible to precisely determine the specific performance level of a candidate.”

The challenges in professional life are becoming increasingly complex, as are also the demands faced by successful employees and executives.
Cultural changes resulting from the sale of companies and changes in corporate governance are nothing new in the workplace. That makes it all the more important to take an active approach to meeting the growing demands placed on each of us.

The skills model developed by Genius Consulting GmbH is based on behavioural indicators and makes it possible to precisely determine the specific performance level of a candidate.

Unser Kompetenzmodell

A shortlist within two weeks

At Genius Consulting GmbH the search for candidates is a tightly structured process that is designed to provide our clients with a shortlist of four highly qualified candidates within a very short time. Our aim is to save our clients work by offering as precisely tailored a solution as possible to their search for a suitable individual, not by sending random candidate profiles, which would only produce additional work.

This selection process requires well-trained staff, consistent contact persons (“one face to the customer”), a multi-stage selection procedure consisting of three expert interviews, a personality assessment and a 360° reference check. Providing a search process of this quality also means, however, that we do not work on the basis of exclusively success-related fees.

The four stages of selecting personnel

Unser Kompetenzmodell

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